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SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

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No more new clothes

I'm not going to buy any NEW clothes for the rest of the year. Over-consumption of clothing is a terrible problem in Australia and I've been a culprit of buying something new just because I can.


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Banish soft plastics

I am ready to cut plastics out of my life, starting with soft plastics. I already recycle soft and hard plastics, but I know that not using it in the first place is a far better option. I will need to be a more conscious shopper and take the time to go to farmers markets and wholesale grocers. I'll also need to be prepared to pay a bit more for quality items that.


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Stop Buying New clothes

I am going to aim to stop buying fashion clothing that I just do not need. I am terrible at self control when it comes to buying things and over consumption is incredibly wasteful. As you can see I clearly have enough to clothe me and keep me warm or cool. No more wasteful purchases! Including random stationary items and jewelery.


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I will ONLY use a REUSABLE coffee cup, water bottle and shopping bag


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Paperless office

I won't print papers for meetings, not use a pen and paper to take notes. Instead I'll use Google drive and Google docs to create and share documents.


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Wear your ethics

I want to continue supporting ethical and local businesses that use recycled and ethically sourced materials to produce clothing.


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Cook instead of eating out

Prepare ingredients in advance for cooking later on, which also means eating out lesser.


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pescatarian to vegetarian

I am currently a pescatarian and would like to cut down on my fish intake to eventually be a vegetarian.


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Use reusable shopping bag, water bottle (save your money, don't buy any bottle of water), , and coffee cup...



Costanza Rivarossa | 08/21/2017 - 16:45

I find public transport to go to the city so much more convenient anyways!


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Recycle paper bag

Instead of chucking paper in the garbage bin, I left a plastic bag underneath my table and accumulate paper in it. Only when it's full do I empty the bag in the recycle bin. Then I use the same plastic bag again! You can be lazy and still be good at recycling :)



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