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SDG 12: Responsible consumption and production

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CREATE & CONSUME responsibly

I'll introduce my workplace to sustainable practices and transform it into a Responsible Cafe. We will encourage the use of reusable coffee cups among our customers and start composting our coffee grounds. This will convey our commitment towards conscious consumerism.


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No plastic

I will try stop using single use plastic bags, packets, cutlery etc.


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to go cups

Stop using disposable coffee cups


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Keep cup

I want to continue to bring my keep cup each day to uni to avoid having to purchase unsustainable coffee cups that cannot even be recycled. By bringing my keep cup, it also encourages me to purchase less hot drinks as I can instead make my own cups of tea using tea bags I bring from home and the hot water service provided at uni.


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Reduce my meat and dairy intake.


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It is important to me that I stop supporting unethical industries (such as fossil fuels and tobacco) with my superannuation and bank accounts. I will research my best options, divest my funds, and then make sure to discuss my decisions with my friends and family to encourage them to make the switch too.


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Communicate sustainability

I will be volunteering at CERES as a science communicator, writing articles to educate the community on green technology and help lower the carbon footprint


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Bathe using a bucket

Using a shower doesn't make us realise how much water we're actually using, so I'd use a bucket and also add some Neem Oil to it, avoiding common diseases and pains with this superhero antiseptic.


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I will aim to go PLASTIC FREE! I will do this in a number of ways. Firstly, I will aim to bring lunch from home instead of buying food at uni. This way I can ensure that I am using re-usable containers, cutlery and keep cups instead of using the standard take-away options. I will also aim to educate my family and convince them to do the same! In addition, I will ensure that when shopping is being done, cloth bags are always brought - they must become a staple!


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turning off power points

We are all guilty of doing this. A great way to save energy (and money!) is to turn off switches when they are not being used around home, work and university



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