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SDG 6: Clean water and sanitation

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Sustainable consumption

Supporting social innovation and entrepreneurship, Who Gives A Crap is a 100% recycled toilet paper that is packaged in recyable packaging and donates 50% of its profits to build toilets in countries that need them. Creating social change through consumption choices.


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Simply ride my bike as much as I can whenever it's feasible. Instead of driving to soccer, the train station and friend's houses I'll ride my bike. The end goal will be to implement a bike riding scheme at Monash Clayton to get people to ride bikes to and from Huntingdale station instead of catching the bus.


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drink soy milk

I changed from drinking regular milk to soy milk due to its lower carbon footprint and water intensity!!!


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Reduce food wastage

I will minimize the unnecessary wastage of food by ordering smaller portions when eating out and also making sure to cook as much of the ingredients I buy as possible. You can also reduce the amount of meat in your diet by eating things like this vegetarian lasagna from Monash Wholefoods!


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Clean energy

I will save energy by using solar power and will contribute my efforts in making solar appliances for public use


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To save water stop rinsing my plates before I put them into the dishwasher.



Marzia Finzi | 08/25/2017 - 14:46

Good Goal, The little things that can make such a big difference! Especially if you are living with housemates and family this is one that you can easily influence them to take up too!


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Pick Rubbish up

My first step is to pick up rubbish wherever I can see and put them into the garbage. I can do it everyday and everywhere. I will drop waste water bottle and waste paper into the dustbin after class. When I go to Attractions, I will bring a bag to collect waste to make due contributions to our environment. It will be even better if people around me can be influenced to join this action together.


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waste reduction

Use reusable water bottles, keep cups and tote bags. Plastic will take thousands of years to degreade which will harm marine and aquatic life.



Natalie Laussade-Long | 09/03/2017 - 01:32

Never even thought about the space wasted for this! Thats a great idea


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It is important to me that I stop supporting unethical industries (such as fossil fuels and tobacco) with my superannuation and bank accounts. I will research my best options, divest my funds, and then make sure to discuss my decisions with my friends and family to encourage them to make the switch too.


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COmmit to a green lifestyle

To only use sustainable resources and reduce my personal waste and try and influence those around me . I commit to using my car less, taking public transport, not using disposable containers or plastic bags and living a vegan lifestyle. I hope my actions will make those around me think about their own actions as well.



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